India is popularly known, to produce the finest quality of the Alphonso mangoes, throughout the world. Mangoes are of different varieties and are named accordingly. The best variety - The Alphonso - comes from a sleepy little village named Devgadh, situated within the Konkan belt of the western India and which is known to produce the finest quality of the Alphonso variety.

After having eaten these mangoes one can say that Gods have really blessed India with this special fruit.

Devgadh mangoes are specially grown in orchards spread on thousands of acres of lands. Devgadh is blessed with soil that is very fertile and rich in minerals and with the sun and humidity that imparts a very unique aroma and flavor to its mangoes. The climate is favorable for the growth of mangoes.


Mango saplings are planted in a way to maintain a particular height of each sapling. These is commonly known as "kalams". Good quality fertilizers are used while no artificial chemicals, germicides and pesticides are sprayed. Gradually when the saplings becomes trees, each of which yield about 300 to 400 mangoes at a time. The enriched soils makes the mangoes grow bigger in size and are much more sweeter. Thus nature itself helps in getting the best quality fruits. The mangoes are then hand picked when raw and are kept in the baskets in between the layers of hay so that they ripe naturally without use of any chemicals such as carbide.

These mangoes being the best in quality, size and sweetness are exported to many countries and thus have become famous not only in India but also in other parts of the world.

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