Principle 1. We do everything we can to make our products better. We never reduce the quality of a product to make it cheaper.

Principle 2. We price our products fairly and honestly.

Principle 3. We ship faster than anyone we know of. We ship items in stock the day after we receive the order. At the height of the last season the longest time an order was in the house was 36 hours, excepting the custom alterations, which took another 12 hours. Our average delivery time to our Patrons in USA for orders without alterations was about 4 working days i.e. our American Patrons received their favorite mangoes in four working days flat from the date of their order.

Principle 4. We believe that what is best for our customer is best for all of us. Everyone here understands that concept.

Principle 5. We are able to sell at lower prices because we have eliminated middlemen; because we have placed our contracts directly with the customers.

Principle 6. We are able to sell at lower prices because we operate efficiently. All unnecessary costs are eliminated and no special inventory is maintained for this portal.

Principal 7. We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible shopping experience to you and all of our customers. That means that from the moment you enter the buying section of this site to the moment your order is delivered to your door, we are dedicated to your satisfaction. We're also committed to empowering you to get what you need, instantly, right here on our site.

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